About - The ClickBankMarketPlace

Our aim

We want to provide an easy, intuitive way for people to search the Clickbank Marketplace and more importantly find ClickBank Products that Sell.

How do we achieve our aim

Our proprietary software queries the ClickBank Marketplace on a daily basis and then gathers extra information about each of the ClickBank products by actually visting the sales website much like an user would do to gather further insights about the product.

We keep an historical log of each of the ClickBank Marketplace Products so we are able to offer insights into how the ClickBank Merchant has performed over a specifc period of time. By leveraging this historical information we are able to provide a visible representation in the form of graphs and charts to provide better analysis of a ClickBank product.

Analytics and Graphs

Currently we provide the following graphs directly related to each ClickBank Product

  • ClickBank popularity
  • ClickBank gravity
  • ClickBank earnings per sale
  • ClickBank percentage made per sale
  • ClickBank total earnings made Per sale
  • ClickBank total rebill amount made per sale
  • ClickBank referral history percentage
  • ClickBank commission history