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Active since: Monday, August 18, 2008
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Blueprint Pro Don't Miss Out
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Blueprint Pro Is A Monthly Online Marketing Membership Program That Combines Tools, Training, Community And Much More, To Help People Build Thriving Online Businesses.
Category name: E-business & E-marketing

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Blueprint Pro Don't Miss Out
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BlueprintPro Plus Membership
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Blueprint Pro Is A Monthly Online Marketing Membership Program That Combines Tools, Training, Community And Much More, To Help People Build Thriving Online Businesses.

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Popularity Rank: 63
Offers Recurring Products: true
Gravity: 1.43771
EarnedPerSale: $2,706.27
PercentPerSale: 50
TotalEarningsPerSale: $2,706.27
TotalRebillAmt: $2,825.60
Referred: 12

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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2016 Dear Friend, Let's cut right to the chase -- no matter whether you are starting an online venture or already have an established business, there are three critical components you need in place in order to stand any chance of success. And they are... See, the reality is that no matter what you are doing... if you have an effective roadmap that allows you to master strategy, traffic and conversions, then you WILL make money, and lots of it - EVERY SINGLE TIME. But unfortunately most people struggle to build their businesses because they FAIL at one, two or even all three of these components. Here are some common reasons why... People tend to ignore strategy and focus on random marketing 'tactics'. But tactics without strategy will lead you to a dead-end. Rather than trying to achieve an automated flow of everlasting website traffic, people tend to look for temporary pockets of fast exposure. Too many people disregard conversions... but without a solid conversion plan in place, any traffic you get will ultimately translate into ZERO profit. ...So if you are unsure as to where you are going wrong, or can't work out why you're not consistently increasing your income each month, I'm willing to bet that issues with strategy, traffic and conversions are very likely the cause. Why I know financial rewards can been seen exceptionaly fast Believe me, I know this for a FACT. Let's roll back the clock 10 years for a moment, and I'll tell you exactly why... I still remember the endless nights that I would work on my Internet business, burning the midnight oil until the early hours of the morning. Every day would be the same grind... I would be working until 2 or 3am... then go to sleep... then get up a few hours later to do a little more work... then go to my full-time job... then get back home, and start all over again. It was absolutely brutal to be perfectly honest - perhaps you can relate? I was trying absolutely everything I could to make money... Auctioning digital memory cards on selling flowers online building numerous Adsense sites to make a few bucks.... I even launched a directory listing "Tango dancing classes" and tried to earn cash from selling paid ad placements! Mix that in with a number of MLM's and "business opportunities", I basically attempted everything there was in order to make ends meet. Even though I was generating pockets of income, essentially I was flailing about, jumping from one opportunity to another, desperately trying to find the magic bullet that would make me my fortune. ...but unfortunately this magic bullet continued to evade me. And did so for a number of years. In fact, it got so bad, I ended up $90,000 in debt, was forced to drive a beat up Fort Laser ...and lived in a miniscule apartment with no wallpaper or carpets!

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