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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Bearded Dragon Secret Manual
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Bearded Dragon Care: Find Out How 93.7% Of Bearded Dragon Owners Make These 37 Deadly Mistakes Unintentionally That Torturing Their Beloved Beardie To Death
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Bearded Dragon Secret Manual
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Bearded Dragon Secret Manual
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The best selling book for caring bearded dragons by a professional breeder, Chris Johnson.

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Learn: What is the first signal you MUST recognise from your bearded dragon and what it conveys How to accurately tell what your bearded dragon’s mood is by learning how to read its “beard” (The beard conveys a huge range of emotions.) What your bearded dragon means when its mouth is constantly gaping How to tell if a bearded dragon is offering a “friendly greeting” or is being aggressive, by using these 2 point guide What a bearded dragon does when it is curious How to read the bearded dragon’s eye movements like a pro (These are 2 distinct eye movements you must learn to recognise…) What the bearded dragon is trying to do when it flattens itself even further How you can look at a bearded dragon’s tail direction to determine its relationship with other animals or beardies Why bearded dragons wave their arm, and what it signals 5 body language experiments you should do with your bearded dragon, to build up a “mental database” that accurately maps its feelings with what it does “My 12 Year Old Loves His Beardie!” My 12 year old son wanted a beardie badly for his birthday, but we were always worried he wouldn’t be able to take care of it properly. So we made him read your guide before agreeing to buy one for him. What surprised us was… he is now following your steps, and taking care of it like a pro. Even our neighbor is surprised at how much he knows… We haven’t told them though! — Susan Hodge “You Shown Me How To Do It Better…” I have bred bearded dragons for almost half of my life, so I thought I was the real expert. Reading your guide taught me how to do it even faster, and better… especially your part about getting 2 beardies to make friends. — Mike Howard I also talk about how to set up an enclosure to keep your bearded dragon. Remember what we mentioned earlier about creating an “artificial environment” that mimics the natural home of your bearded dragon? Learn: 2 ways to save money when purchasing any equipment for your bearded dragon (Never pay full retail price again after you know this secret!) How to accurately determine the size of your bearded dragon’s enclosure or cage without any guesswork A cheap trick you can use to make your beloved bearded dragon feel safe and secure… (It takes just 5 minutes and costs nothing… using supplies you have at home, yet most bearded dragon owners don’t do it!) How to design your own cage, and 1 thing you should definitely take note of when building your own cage (Most people neglect this and come to regret later!) Where to position your bearded dragon’s cage at home and 1 deadly position most people place it at unknowingly Why it is important for your bearded dragon to receive the right amount of heat The right amount of heat to supply to your bearded dragon and 4 ways you can do so without buying any of those expensive equipment How to tell if your bearded dragon is suffering from excess heat How expert breeders like myself set up the enclosure to prevent overheating (Most bearded dragon owners don’t do this additional step… inadvertently killing their beloved pets!) What kind of thermometer you should get to monitor the temperature of the enclosure (Hint – It’s the cheapest kind with this particular function!) How you should NEVER set up the heating equipment in your beardie’s cage (Just last week, I saw this mistake being made on video by a supposed “expert” in bearded dragons…) Why it is important that your bearded dragon receives enough UVB rays Why you should never use any fluorescent bulb lying around your home to provide your bearded dragon with light… and the exact kind of light bulb you should use One shocking fact about fluorescent light bulbs and when you should change them… (Most bearded dragon owners don’t know about this, and end up depriving their beardies of light!) The myth about adjusting the light periods to adjust to changing of the seasons (Knowing this can save you lots of time and energy…

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